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10 Funny Hacks That Can Make Your Day Better

Sometimes human inventiveness gives rise to strange things — like these “useful” hacks that no one will ever actually use. Perhaps their authors just got bored with life hacks from the Internet and decided to make their own versions.

We warns you: these tricks are not to be reproduced

Your cat is ignoring you? There is a solution!


A slice of onion in the disk drive is a natural remedy for computer viruses.


This secret method will double the lifespan of a toilet paper roll.


Put a lemon inside your computer, and the fans will disperse its aroma into the room.


Pasta can be cooked in a toaster too.


Want to get rid of wrinkles? Bees will help you. Or snakes.


Can’t find a place to park? Use the empty space in the middle of the road.


For Pokemon Go fans: put your phone in the microwave so that the Pokemon hatches sooner.


Leave empty boxes at your neighbors’ so that thieves don’t know you bought something new.


Don’t waste money on phone cases. You can repaint your phone yourself.



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Wahaj Ali